Sunday, 24 March 2024 08:16

In observance of National Afforestation Day... The University of Kirkuk is launching a major campaign to tree the university's arcades and courtyards and colleges

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With the follow-up and supervision of the President of Kirkuk University, Prof. Imran Jamal Hassan (Ph.), the University has launched a major campaign to fortify the University's arcade and courtyards and colleges with various trees, distribute indicative and awareness publications on the importance of afforestation, and increase green spaces. Assist. lecturer. Muhammad Mumtaz Ibrahim, said that ‘‘The campaign included extensive and sustainable afforestation of parks and green flats inside and outside colleges, as well as workshops and distribution of counseling posters on the importance of increasing green spaces, maintaining a healthy environment and contributing to raising community awareness and promoting a culture of afforestation’’. The Ministry of Higher Education has set 12 March as the "Day of National Afforestation" in conjunction with the initiative to plant five million trees and palms launched by Prime Minister Mohammed Shiyaa Al- Sudani to combat desertification.



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