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The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division aspire to follow up and rehabilitate students and graduates and assist them in obtaining job opportunities in the government and private sectors. The Division of Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up of Graduates aims to follow up students and graduates of the University of Kirkuk by training and qualifying them in the skills required by the labor market. In addition, helping them to get job opportunities that suit them, communicate with them wherever they are, and help those looking for employees to reach the right employee.

Qualifying graduate students and acquainting them with the skills necessary for them to enter the labor market.

Helping graduate students to get job opportunities that suit their specialties.

Building a comprehensive information base for graduate students.

Building a database and information for operating institutions and companies interested in employing graduates.

Providing advice and guidance to new students on the mechanism for choosing the major and for graduate students on how to prepare for their job search. Communicating with alumni through various means of communication, which enhances the graduate student’s relationship with his university.

Communicating with interested institutions, companies and ministries at the local, Arab and international levels, and working to coordinate with them regarding the absorption of the largest possible number of graduates in all fields.

The division works to hold special courses for the following fields:

CV writing skills,

Recruitment interview skills,

Skills of analysis and communication with the labor market,

Time management skills, motivation and initiative,

Self-planning skills and self-confidence,

Language and computer development skills,

Interpersonal skills and adaptability,

Fidelity programs to work with integrity and ethics,

Create an electronic database within the others follow-up system,

Create an electronic database for companies.