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College of Engineering
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College of Engineering

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Message from the Dean

Engineering College
The city of Kirkuk, the center of Kirkuk Governorate, is one of the oldest Iraqi governorates, Kirkuk is distinguished by its historical landmarks, such as the Kirkuk Citadel and the Qishla of Kirkuk, and its economic importance, which is rich in oil and gas fields and fertile agricultural lands.
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About college

College of Engineering
Since its founding on 6/7/2005, Scientific and practical skills that the college sought to prepare by providing the necessary equipment and laboratories to train students. The college has shown great interest in developing the necessary skills for teachers by enrolling them in courses to enhance their capabilities.
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College departments

College of Engineering
Civil Engineering * Mechanical Engineering * Petroleum Engineering * Electrical Engineering
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Vision, mission and goals

College of Engineering
The College of Engineering at Kirkuk University aspires to be a distinguished and pioneering college
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