Central Library

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The Central Library shall be a standard hub library serving the academic community in the wide geographical area to which it belongs. It supports the educational process and scientific research by providing access to various forms and types of information resources for students and employees of the university and society.


A- Providing access to information resources for university and community members.

B - Development of scientific resources in all subject areas in a balanced manner.

C- Organizing information sources in line with the latest technologies and modern means.

D- Continuous development of the Central Library's employees.

Tasks of the Central Library

A- Providing books, periodicals, dissertations, university theses and other means of scientific research.

B - Managing the affairs of the central library and branch libraries inside the university, and communication and cooperation with libraries outside the university.

Divisions of the Central Library

A- Indexing and Classification Division: Indexing and classifying the sources of information that comes to the department according to the indexing rules and the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

B- The Beneficiaries Services Division: It carries out the process of registering and removing the book for use outside the library for the purpose of benefiting from it during a specific period of time and according to a specific system. Among its tasks is also arranging the books on the shelves after receiving them from the Indexing and Classification Division, and the employee sorts these books according to their classification numbers and organizes them on the shelves.

C- The Automated Systems Division: It is concerned with everything related to the use of information and communication technology in office procedures and services and building a database to record all data on the library’s assets, including books, periodicals, letters, university theses, and others.