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The Directorate of Dormitories is one of the important and vital joints of the university as it deals with university students directly through the services. It provides to these students and on this basis the Dormitories have entered a race field in which they seek to obtain advanced positions at the level of the services provided and from all administrative and service aspects. It publishes the spirit of cooperation between the directorate’s personnel on the one hand and between the directorate’s individuals and the students of the Dormitories on the other hand. The directorate always strives to spread the spirit of awareness and preserve what this directorate has achieved by paying attention to the method of educational interaction among students and workers in the directorate. It leads to the transmission of the spirit of brotherhood and respect which it will reflect positively on the performance of our students. The Directorate of Dormitories always seeks to send a message that one of the most important things that the Dormitories in our university seeks is to provide adequate housing for university students without differentiating between these students on any basis. In addition, it tries to provide all the necessities for daily life and raise the burden of obtaining these requirements for the students.

 The Dormitories aims mainly to provide a suitable environment for the students of students through:

  • 1- Providing and finding suitable buildings for housing in all urban and service aspects of the internal departments and also for the location of colleges in the governorate.
  • 2- Housing all students included in housing within the university's central admission plan, housing students transferred and hosted to our university, according to the capacity in the internal departments.
  • 3- Continuously providing all the service supplies necessary for daily life, such as: (water - electricity - liquid gas - white oil).
  • 4- With the aim of always preserving the appearance of the Dormitories in terms of cleanliness and being one of the basic things that the department appears in the required manner, which befits the university students and the directorate provides cleaning materials and disinfectants throughout the school year to be used in cleaning the Dormitories.
  • 5- The directorate provides, with the aim of not leaving the Dormitories without a supervisory staff, 24 hours a day, as it provided supervisory staff for both sexes and for all meals (morning, evening, and night).
  • 6- In order to preserve the lives of our students and the property of the general department, the Directorate of Dormitories provided security cadres to protect these departments with the offer that the quantity of these cadres does not meet the ambition required of sufficient numbers.
  • 7- The directorate provides excellent furniture and supplies in terms of number and quality, such as (sleeper beds - cooling and air conditioning devices - sleeper brushes - locker - refrigerator - heaters - coolers - water coolers - cookers - gas cylinders - and electronic computers).
  • 8- The Directorate, in cooperation with the University Presidency, provides cars for the transportation of male and female students to and from the internal departments in order to lift the burden of transportation between departments and colleges for students.
  • 9- The Directorate provides some medicines and medical supplies that are used in first aid for the purpose of using them with students. It has been agreed with the Kirkuk Governorate Health Department / Immediate Aid to send ambulances in the event of sickness cases that require the delivery of students to hospitals for the purpose of the necessary treatment.
  • 10- Involving students in the activities organized by the Directorate with the aim of refining students' talents, as well as spreading the spirit of activity and brilliance among the components of the students.