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College of Science
The scientific edifice of the university

College of Science

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Dean's speech

College of Science
Science, is the means of development and progress, the basis of sophistication and growth of societies and nations, and with it minds are free from their ignorance, and life becomes more luxurious and easier, and man needs science to facilitate his life, and it is not possible to deny their role in the elevation and renaissance of nations and peoples
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about the college

College of Science
The College of Science was established on 10/1/2002 to provide the community with staff specialized in science that would contribute to the comprehensive renaissance in the country. It included and used to include two departments: Computers and Mathematics, and in the academic year 2004-2005
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College departments

College of Science
Chemistry * Applied Geology * Life Sciences * Physics * Mathematics
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Electronic college guide

College of Science
A special guide for the college that contains all that you need to know about the college
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