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Agricultural Consulting Bureau- College of Agriculture

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About the Agricultural Consulting Bureau

The Agricultural Consultative Office was established in the College of Agriculture - University of Kirkuk in10/6/ 2008, and work in it was suspended for various periods as a result of the circumstances that the university and college went through. It is a scientific advisory interface that takes upon itself to provide agricultural scientific advice in the field of plant and animal production. In addition to determining the economic feasibility of agricultural projects at the governorate level, represented by the establishment of forests and orchards And providing various consultations in garden affairs, examining the validity of soil and well water for agriculture, in addition to providing scientific advice in the field of (bees) beekeeping and food industries, and plant protection. The office has an academic and field scientific cadre with agricultural specializations and all its belongings, with precise specializations, and holders of higher degrees from different universities. The office is fully prepared to provide the best scientific advice to all government departments, farmers and peasants, and animal fanciers.


Members of Agricultural Consulting Bureau

A. The Chairman of the Board: Assistant Professor Dr. Osamah Ahmed Ibrahim

Ph.D. in Wood Science

Osamah Ahmed


B. The Bureau Manager: Professor Dr. Kareem Abdullah Hassan AlBayati

Ph.D. in Plant Protection

Kareem Abdullah















C. The Bureau Member: Assistant Professor Dr. Mohsin Omer Mohammed

Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry

Mohsin Omer















D. The Bureau Member: Lecturer M.Sc. Ali Mohammed Noori

M.Sc. in Horticulture and Landscape Design

Ali Mohammed















E. The Bureau Member: Lecturer M.Sc. Basera Abdullah Ahmed

M.Sc. in Civil Law

Basera Abdullah















F. Accountant: Shaimaa Hassan Mohammed

B.Sc. in Management and Economy


Services and Consultations

1-Providing the required agricultural consultations, giving a number of scientific lectures for the wheat production project, and providing advice in the field of fighting jungles, diseases and insects that affect the crop.

2-Knowing the safety of the wheat crop in the governorate from diseases, insects, and weeds.

3-Conducting laboratory analyzes of soil and water and determining their suitability for establishing agricultural projects.

4- Design, implementation and installation of drip and sprinkler irrigation networks

5- Providing scientific advice in the field of livestock, horticulture,-bees- beekeeping, forest science, food science, food industries, and plant protection.

6- Cooperating with state departments to provide scientific, agricultural and economic advice through holding educational seminars and lectures.

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