Environmental Research Center

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In compliance with the governmental order, the Environmental Research Unit established in 2005 on the basis of the principle of environmental concern. The unit activated the framework of joint cooperation with all related departments in the province of Kirkuk to assist Iraqi people in supplying the university with environmental projects aimed at identifying the most important ecosystem.

The Environmental Research Unit is one of the research units specializing in research for graduate students and academics, relying on the availability of a wide and varied range of specialized and current research instruments, and may cooperate with numerous Iraqi universities because of the capability that the unit has in this area. Despite the economic conditions that have passed and are passing through the country, the unit has played and continues to play a pioneering role in various environmental activities.

The unit has started many environmental seminars and various environmental activities and events for spreading environmental awareness in addition to cooperation with the governorate departments, such as the departments of environment, health, water resources, agriculture, Veterinary, North Oil Company and North Gas Company from the relevant departments.

Since its formation 15 years ago, the Environmental Research Unit has been equipped with various modern devices from global sources, in implementation of what is required to carry out the tasks assigned to the unit. A number of professors took turns managing the unit, as the unit’s management was taken over by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdulaziz Qadir, and then the management moved to Professor Dr. Awaz Behrouz Muhammad on 10/16/2016, after which the management moved to Prof. Dr. Omar Sabah Ibrahim on 10/17/ 2016 to 8/29/2019. After this date and until the preparation of this brief, Dr. Abdul Amir Hussein Qasim took over the unit management.

According to the directives of the President of the University of Kirkuk, Prof. Dr. Sabah Ahmed Ismail, and the Dean of the College of Science, Assistant Professor Nima Ali Ahmed, great emphasis was placed on operating the laboratory equipment, which for many years remained without operation, noting that it cost the government large sums of money. After the success in operating these devices and with exceptional efforts by the unit director and its staff, the unit became able to achieve its goals set for it in a way that serves the environmental reality of Kirkuk Governorate.