Friday, 26 May 2023 20:46

University of Kirkuk signs a joint scientific cooperation agreement with Iraqi universities

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In order to upgrade the level of Iraqi universities, increase the bonds of cooperation between them and open new horizons of cooperation in academic and scientific fields and raise the scientific level, the University of Kirkuk signed a joint scientific cooperation agreement with the Universities of Anbar and Salah al-Din/ Erbil.

Dr. Omran Jamal Hassan, president of the University of Kirkuk, said: "the agreement will open new horizons for the development of cultural and scientific relations with Iraqi universities, and turn scientific agreements into a real working paper on the ground as they contribute to the exchange of ideas and visions between universities and the exchange of available experiences.

The agreement that was signed included several axes, including: exchanging experiences and giving lectures according to the period determined by the concerned formations, conducting joint research according to research requirements, exchanging experiences and training workshops regarding the operation of the [ ( ECTS ) Bolonga Process] system, as well as exchanging books, publications, theses, scientific periodicals and research results in scientific fields and in languages that serve both parties

The signing of the agreement concluded with the exchange of shields between universities, stressing the activation of this agreement with its provisions to provide the best services to our educational institutions and our dear students

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