Saturday, 27 May 2023 16:18

The University of Kirkuk organizes a workshop on the dangers of smoking and its negative effects on public health

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In accordance with the directives of the Ministry of higher education and scientific research and the Ministry of Health, the psychological counseling and guidance division, in cooperation with the Center for continuing education at the university presidency, organized a workshop on smoking and its negative effects on public health, with the participation of a number of university employees and faculties.

Dr. Halima al-Hamdani, the head of the counseling division at the university presidency, said that the workshop aims to encourage non-smoking, by emphasizing the harms of smoking and its psychological and health negatives on society and how to get rid of this phenomenon that affects the individual and Family Health, psychologically and economically, as well as knowledge of diseases that affect the human body such as sudden death, atherosclerosis and respiratory diseases

The workshop included a lecture in which Dr. Salma Hussein explained the whole workshop, identifying the complications and diseases caused by smoking and what diseases are caused by it, the negative effects of smoking and raising awareness of smoking addicts as one of the diseases that kill society, and the extent of its impact on health and psychological.

It is noteworthy that the university administration was directed to organize seminars, workshops and lectures at the University's faculties to launch awareness campaigns to quit smoking in all its forms, as well as printing awareness posters and folders distributed in the halls of the University and its colleges.

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