Friday, 26 May 2023 20:52

In support of the permanence of the University spring ..

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The University of Kirkuk organizes a campaign to plant roses of different shapes in its flower beds

With the participation of the assistant rector for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Ibrahim al-Obeidi, and the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Nashwan Omar Rashid, the university organized a campaign to plant roses of various shapes in its corridors.

The Scientific Assistant praised the efforts made by the participants in the campaign, hoping to continue this giving, wishing them success and lasting success in support of the University and the scientific career.roses

The campaign included planting evergreen roses in the gardens and the University's lobby, in which the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of law and a number of internal department members and students participated.

The campaign aimed to give an aesthetic to the University gardens and create an atmosphere suitable for the university student, noting that there are ongoing campaigns such as afforestation and cleaning, all in the interest of preserving the aesthetic of the University.

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