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A master's thesis at the University of Kirkuk discusses the effect of some nano fertilizers and tryptophan on the saffron plant.

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A master's thesis in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kirkuk discussed the study of the effect of some nano-fertilizers and the amino acid tryptophan on the physiological characteristics and the content of active chemical compounds in the flowering of the saffron plant by the student Lina Saadoun Abdel-Majid, supervised by Prof. Dr. Kifaya Ghazi Saeed and Prof. Dr. Mohsen Omar Muhammad. The study aimed to know and demonstrate the effect of spraying with different levels of nano-fertilizers P, N, and NPK and the effect of soaking with the amino acid tryptophan in improving the growth, flowering, and content of flower stigmas and petals of some effective chemical compounds of the saffron plant and increasing the plant's productivity of flowers, corms, and creams. The study concluded that spraying with nano-fertilizers and soaking with the amino acid tryptophan 24 hours before planting significantly affected most of the studied traits.





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