Wednesday, 26 April 2023 08:24

The University of Kirkuk holds a workshop on drugs and their positive effects on society.

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The College of Basic Education, in cooperation with the Iraqi Association for Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance, held a workshop on the scourge of drugs and their negative effects on society, with the participation of a number of teachers and students. The workshop included a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Aso Saleh Saeed, in which he emphasized the importance of raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and their negative effects on society, and how to treat them and prevent their spread. In addition to displaying pictures of drugs formally and avoiding falling into them. The workshop aimed to urge educational counselors to conduct various counseling programs, provide continuous awareness workshops in schools and universities, and prevent them from falling captive to these narcotic substances, and their pyramids in combating drugs and drifting towards them.


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