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The general administration of the university looks forward to innovation, guidance and leadership in providing students and society with high-quality educational facilities in the field of education, and to be successful in promoting the process of growth and addressing all challenges and hurdles facing the human community. The university seeks to be a model to be emulated at the local, regional and global levels, coupled with creativity in its performance. It should be remembered that the city of Kirkuk is one of Iraq's main historical towns, as the history of the region is shown by geological evidence and by books on the history of this area, and one of the consequences was the multiplicity of ethnicities and faiths in it. It is inhabited by Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and Syrians, and Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted side by side. The city of Kirkuk is 250 kilometres northeast of Baghdad, the capital, and the city is bordered by the northern Zagros Mountains and the western Little Zab River. Kirkuk is considered one of Iraq's most important and vital towns, and mineral resources, such as oil and natural gas, and the fertility of its agricultural land are among the most significant factors that have played a role in this. As well as its distinguished geographical and commercial location, this makes it a link between southern Iraq and its northern region.


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