Postgraduate Studies Department

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The department was established in 2016 and it consists of three sections including Admission and Development Division, Student Affairs Division, and University Orders Division. The department has the responsibility of planning the admission plan; circulating application controls; following up the updated instructions; and issuing university official letters for scholarships.


At the local, regional, and global levels, we are a leader in higher education and scientific research.


Providing high-quality scientific programs and doing cutting-edge scientific research that benefits the community, advances knowledge, and promotes global development.


1. Creating an academic, cognitive, and creative environment at the university level.

2. Improving the quality of scientific research in postgraduate studies, particularly applied scientific research related to development ambitions.

3. Promoting the university's programs and activities through performing research, providing technical assistance, and emphasizing their role in local, regional, and global areas.

4. Creating local, regional, and international competences for scientific research and innovation.

5. Developing and revising study plans and programs at the university to improve the quality of higher education outputs in order to meet market demands by educating students to be best in their fields of expertise.

6. Civilizing the university's contribution to student development in line with public and private accreditation requirements, quality assurance rules, admission rules, and encourage the innovative work environment.

7. Progressing scientific research and postgraduate studies, as well as the educational process and faculty, to produce a high-quality, scientifically differentiated, and professionally qualified graduate.

Activities and Achievements

  • - Expanding the responsibilities of the graduate studies units and connecting them to scientific affairs divisions in all the university's faculties.
  • - Launching postgraduate programs for doctoral and master degree programs in our university's faculties. The following graduate programs have been started:







Law and Political Sciences

international Politics


Private Law

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Public Law


Human Rights








Applied Geology




Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Computer Sciences

M.Sc., Ph.D.



Animal Production


Field Crops


Horticulture/Garden Engineering


Education for Human Sciences

Arabic Language


Fiqh and Usul


Education of Pure Sciences



Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Physical Education and Sport Sciences



Nursing Sciences



Civil Engineering





Administration and Economics



Personnel from the postgraduate department

The Department of Postgraduate Studies is one of the departments linked to the university's assistant president for scientific affairs. The department represents the link between the colleges and the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; and it is directly linked to the Research and Development Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Department Director: Assistant Professor Dr. Najat Qader Omar Al-Jaf

The Department of Graduate Studies is divided into:

  • - Admission and Development Division:
  • - Division Administrator: Sana Burhan Al-Din
  • - Department employees: Zina Amer


  • - The division works as a representative between the Ministry and Colleges (circulation of instructions and controls).
  • - Creating the admission plan that meets the community's needs in collaboration with universities and the ministry.
  • - Arranging the annual academic calendar for graduated accepted students including all submissions and acceptance terms equally.
  • - Creating the admission mechanism and introducing the plan. Annually, the student files should be examined.
  • - Issuing students’ university acceptance orders.
  • - Following-up requests for launching new graduate programs in coordination with the colleges and the ministry.
  • - Receiving requests from all the applicants, as well as student complaints.
  • - Following up on electronic tests and certifications for postgraduate applicants.
  • - Cancellation the admission of students who do not match the criteria.
  • - Pursuing postgraduate curricula.
  • - Following up on research missions and student research.
  • - Following up on the academic graduation criteria (extension, postponement, cancellation) in conjunction with faculties.
  • - Postgraduate Students Follow-up Division
  • - Division Administrator: Kifah Burhan Faris
  • - Department employees: Manar Abdel Qader Kamel


  • - The division follows up with postgraduate students from acceptance until delivery of their theses.
  • - Direct registration of accepted students in collaboration with faculties and the Legal affairs Department.
  • - Accepting master's and doctoral students' files.
  • - Keeping track of all accepted and continuing students' priorities in their personal files.
  • - Advising students to postpone or extend their studies at the university.
  • - Register or re-register postponed
  • - Transferring of students from to and from our university.
  • - Following-up with the University Council Secretariat on student issues.
  • - Approval of graduate studies topics and supervision, scheduling defense dates, forming committees, and grading theses and dissertations.
  • - Following-up letters and theses according to the assigned graduate program.
  • - Preparing a database for students (electronic and paper-based files).
  • - Arranging student files and maintaining all the required steps up to the graduation level.
  • - Circulating official orders and registering all the data with the department director.

University Orders Division (graduates and documents)

  • - Division Administrator: Asen Saad Najm Al-Din
  • - Division employees: Ozdan Omar Muhammed
  • - This division issues university orders to grant the certificate after confirming all prerequisites in collaboration with the faculty deans and the university council secretariat.
  • - Establishing electronic and paper-based databases for Postgraduate students.
  • - Responding the requests of authenticity for orders issued by university.
  • - Confirming and approving documents with the university's assistant president for scientific affairs.
  • - Checking and approving diploma certificates with President's Office.
  • - Preparing statistics for postgraduate students and transferring the documents to the Planning & Following-up Department.
  • - Creating and maintaining an electronic database of graduating students.
  • - Continuous communication with the Ministry to resolve any issues.

 Archiving unit:

Unit Administrator: Walla Jassim Kno

  • - This unit is responsible for archiving all the incoming and outgoing letters electronically.
  • - Issuing university orders for all graduate studies divisions (Admission and Creation, Student Affairs Follow-up, and University Orders).
  • - Continuing to post information on postgraduate study on the university's website.