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Dean's speech

My sons and daughters, students

It is a great honor for me to address you from this podium, so may I share with you part of what I imagine for you:    I ask the Almighty Creator, when the time comes for me to leave this position that I have assumed as Dean of your college, I will have built for you an independent building with large and numerous classrooms in which modern, advanced curricula are taught that keep pace with... The rapid development in science and the graduation of pharmacists who can compete with their peers in international universities in performance, and high-end laboratories equipped with the latest equipment in which you are trained in various methods of analysis and diagnosis, and a library full of solid paper and electronic books in which you can drink from the springs of science and spend the best times of your life in them.

Dear Student

You, who will be awarded a bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences:

Know that you will play key leadership roles in all aspects of the health care system: in your own pharmacy, in the hospital where you work, in a nursing home, or when you are on a medical team visiting schools and colleges.

Know that your interest in the patient and his trust in you will be an important means of helping him feel better and recover as quickly as possible. You are the medication specialist and you are culturally and scientifically qualified to evaluate the various factors that affect the patient’s ability to take medication, and to prescribe his diet. You are the one the patient can contact and see. He talks to you at length, without barriers, every day of the week, during the morning and evening hours, even on the weekends. Be cheerful and welcome him, and be open to his questions, no matter how repetitive and sometimes boring. Elderly patients in need of special, long-term care will come to you, as they become complicated. Their medication requirements, so be compassionate towards them, as you may have to take care to monitor their blood pressure, or measure their sugar level.

Know that your presence on hospital rounds as an active member of the patient care team will prevent cases of medication prescribing errors, and this has been proven by many international studies.

Be willing to learn and be prepared for change and development. Let the criterion of your success be the satisfaction of God Almighty with you and His creation. You must practice integrity, then integrity before material gain.

A.M.D. Nashwan Omar Rashid Tabbabashi

Dean of the College of Pharmacy

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