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The department is concerned with everything related to the student’s technical needs, or those that begin from the student’s application for admission to the university until his graduation, and from following up and coordinating between colleges in light of the general goals and requirements of community development, following up on the implementation of the decisions of higher authorities, and organizing and coordinating student admission, because the department is the link between the student. And the university on the one hand, and between the colleges and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and other institutes on the other hand. Thus, it is considered the department responsible for implementing the principles and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education. It also works to direct and supervise all matters related to student issues that are completed through the registration departments. In colleges.

Initial studies BSC

Building bridges of trust between the student and the university, laying the foundations for the administrative and organizational structure as required, taking care of students’ rights in all aspects guaranteed to them by the laws and instructions in force, and working with the registration divisions in all university colleges in the spirit of one team in serving our dear students, in addition to creating a database for all graduates. the university.



Supervising, preparing and graduating scientific cadres and developing their capabilities and abilities to be qualified to obtain higher degrees (higher diploma - master's - doctorate) for various scientific specializations, starting with the admission plan, distributing application controls, following up on instructions, and issuing university orders to grant study leave until university orders are issued at the end of the study period and granting scientific certificates.


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