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College of Veterinary Medicine

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The College of Veterinary Medicine was established at the University of Kirkuk in the 2013-2014 academic year.

With the aim of preparing scientific cadres specialized in this field to contribute to protecting animals from diseases, diagnosing them in the event of infection with them, and then treating them to develop this wealth and increase its production efficiency, and to contribute to public health fields by combating common diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, and all of the aforementioned is achieved through Curricula that are taught to students during their five years of study at the college and also through holding conferences, seminars and discussion groups to educate the various groups and institutions of society through their attendance to it.

Vision, mission, and goals

The college seeks to improve the quality of educational performance and upgrading the educational process through real partnership with educational institutions and their management, as well as striving to achieve excellence in preparing students with "solid" scientific numbers that qualify them to serve the community in their field of specialization and to conduct scholarly research and update it in line with contemporary scientific development.

As for the goals of the college:

Providing distinguished education to prepare graduates veterinarians and qualify them with knowledge and culture.
Adopting a comprehensive basis for quality assurance that includes an "internal" and "external" evaluation
Developing scientific research and postgraduate studies in the field of veterinary medicine and its various scientific branches.
Active participation with counterpart colleges and local, Arab, and international universities during the holding of lectures, courses and seminars and attending international conferences through scientific and cultural cooperation.
Continuous improvement of the academic, administrative, and educational organization of the college.
Creations for 2015-2016
Establishing the branch of clinical veterinary sciences.
Establishing a medical research laboratory. Future plans for the college.



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Kirkuk, Iraq

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