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College of Science

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The College of Science was established on 01/10/2002 to provide the community with faculty specialized in science

This would contribute to the comprehensive renaissance in the country, and it included two departments (computers and mathematics). In the academic year (2004-2005), the Department of Life Sciences was created, and in the academic year (2005-2006), three departments were created (Physics, Chemistry, and Applied Geology) and thus six scientific departments became in the college, as well as the introduction of a master’s study in departments Life Sciences, Geology and Chemistry.

Since its establishment, the college has been working to develop the capabilities and capabilities of the faculty from the teaching staff and the technical and administrative staff, to build laboratories and equip them with the latest scientific devices, to follow a modern curriculum, to follow modern methods of teaching, and to acquire and communicate information in a way that makes the graduate armed with knowledge, knowledge, experience and skills necessary to contribute to building life and making life Best service delivery to the community.



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