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College of Medicine

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The College of Medicine is considered one of the modern colleges at the University of Kirkuk, as it was established in 2005

When the presidency of the University of Kirkuk at the time assigned Professor Dr. (Sabah Muhammad Hamid Zangana), the founder and first dean of the college, to establish that college, where he cooperated with the Kirkuk Health Department represented by its previous general director, Dr. Sabah Amin Ahmed Al-Daoudi allocated an aluminum partition inside the Azadi Teaching Hospital to the college's deanship building, halls and some of its laboratories. The college received the first batch for the academic year (2005-2006) and despite all the constraints and limited capabilities, the deanship faced these difficulties and compensated for the lack of laboratories for some materials for the first stage with high coordination and cooperation from The deanships of the Colleges of Science and Agriculture at the time, as these two colleges allocated some of their laboratories to teach chemistry, physics, and anatomy. The Deanship of the College continued to bypass conditions, lack of resources and space constraints and efforts began at that time for the purpose of allocating a plot of land close to the Azadi Teaching Hospital to be a fixed building for the site of the newly created College of Medicine, with great coordination and effort made Prof. Dr. (Sabah Zankana), whose effort bore fruit with the Sunni Endowment Department in the governorate, which agreed to rent the plot of land adjacent to the hospital in order to be a building for the new medical college, and with the completion of the study for the first academic year, the effort and the competition of time were doubled for the purpose of establishing the college on the leased plot of land where that bore fruit. Efforts about the Kurdistan Regional Government’s pledge to build the college on that land and a stone has already been laid The foundation for the new college in the year 2006, to be completed in the year 2008, and the institutions and halls of the college will move to their current location.



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