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College of Law and Political Sciences

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The College of Law was established on 1/4/1998 and was affiliated with the University of Mosul until the academic year 2002-2003

Where the University of Kirkuk was created, and it became one of the first colleges that were established in this young university to undertake the preparation of qualified legal cadres to assume legal positions in various state departments, and to prepare qualified lawyers capable of serving the people of this country, and among the college’s goals is to spread legal awareness and emphasize the need for And the importance of the law and its application to members of society. The college awards bachelor's degrees in law and political science departments, as well as master's and doctoral degrees in law departments.

The vision and goals of the college


Teaching legal and political subjects, their origins, present and future, philosophy, theories, applications and research, and contribute to the development and development of society through cooperation with the federal government and local governments by preparing research and providing consultations to them.


1- Preparing qualified legal cadres to assume legal jobs and tasks in various state departments and work as lawyers.

2- The college aims to prepare staff armed with the concepts of democracy, freedom, human rights, and respect for others

3- The college works to improve the mental image (EMAGE) of the university in general and the college for those dealing with it in particular and the general public.

4- Holding various seminars aimed at developing legal and political awareness among university employees of the laws and legislation in force related to higher education.

5- Holding legal and political courses on various topics to educate the affiliates of state institutions and maintain ties with them.

6- Holding legal and political scientific conferences aimed at increasing knowledge and contact with local and international experiences in all law and policy specializations.



Sayada area

Kirkuk, Iraq

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