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College of Education for Human Sciences

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The college was established on 7/21/2002, and it included three departments when it was established

(Arabic language - English language - history) Five departments were created in the academic year 2005-2006 (Qur’an sciences - geography - physical education - Kurdish language - Turkish language). The Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences was created during the academic year (2013-2014).

Vision, mission and goals


Promote the educational, educational and ethical level at the level of local and international universities.

the message

Contribute to providing knowledge, improving it, and spreading it through scientific and literary conferences and seminars. Development and application of modern scientific methods in education to align with the level of community culture.


1) Preparing specialists from professors who are qualified to manage the field of education.

2) The development of knowledge and specialized sciences in managing their programs efficiently.

3) Graduating specialists in various educational sciences and languages.

4) Teaching cadres have graduated in the various specializations in the college to supplement secondary schools with teachers.

5) Providing educational consultations to all government departments and the private sector.

Certificates awarded by the college


- The MA in Arabic Language

Future college plans

The introduction of a doctoral study in the Department of Arabic Language



Sayada area

Kirkuk, Iraq

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