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Statistics Dep.

The Department of Statistics was established in 2007, coinciding with the establishment of the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Kirkuk, with the aim of graduating distinguished cadres who contribute effectively to the use and application of modern statistical methods by granting the department a bachelor’s degree equivalent to the level of performance of corresponding departments in universities in developed countries.

The department seeks to lay the foundations for primary and postgraduate studies in the field of statistics sciences, develop scientific research activities therein, graduate professional staff specialized in statistics capable of meeting the needs of society, contribute to solving problems facing organizations, provide advice on investing in their statistics specialization, and prepare trained staff capable of making... The decision is made by linking theory with practice, strengthening ties, cooperation, and exchanging experiences with corresponding educational organizations inside and outside Iraq, and disseminating statistical knowledge in the fields of statistics by organizing conferences, seminars, practical workshops, discussion panels, and carrying out writing, translation, and other work.

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