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Business Administration Dep.

The Department of Business Administration was established at the College of Administration and Economics / Kirkuk University with the founding of the college in 2007. (41) male and female students were accepted into the aforementioned department at the beginning of its establishment. The number of the department’s students for the year 2015-2016 became (395) male and female students in the morning study and (945) (Male and female students in the evening study, and the department is constantly increasing in the number of students accepted year after year.

The aforementioned department grants a bachelor’s degree in business administration, which entitles the holder to work in state departments and institutions and the private sector, especially production and service departments. The duration of study in the aforementioned department is four years. During his studies in the department, the student deals with various administrative sciences related to business administration in order to be prepared to apply what has been studied in the field. On the ground, the Department of Business Administration in the college has an ambition to open postgraduate studies in the near future after the required quorum for the number of professors who are allowed to teach in postgraduate studies is achieved, after the necessary and favorable conditions are created for that.

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