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College achievements

College achievements over the past years:

1. Registration of the College at ECFMG and the achievement of international recognition in 2014.

2. Kirkuk College of Medicine has been established as a training centre for the study of the Iraqi Council for Medical Specialties (Iraqi Board) for the specialties (Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics and General Surgery) in 2015 and work is underway for the other branches.

3. Activation of the program of continuing medical education and the presence of 1 – 2 lectures a week for all lecturers.

4. Introducing, in 2017, the electronic correction of test sheets, our college, in Kirkuk University, is the first to do so.

5. Activation of the Student Portal in 2017: this is an online system which enables students to enter the electronic administration via log in numbers to follow up attendance, grades, notifications and to communicate with the lecturers.

6. Continuously conducting online examinations for most of the stages and subjects. The first online exam was conducted in the college on 16/5/2018 and it is ongoing.

7. Hosting international professors to the College to give lectures and to hold seminars for teaching staff.

8. Obtain reliability by achieving quality assurance standards.

9. Providing the IT laboratories with HP classroom management system since 2013.

10. On-going releasing and editing of Kirkuk Medical College Journal.

11. Establishment of the research laboratory and providing it with all the supplies and required equipment for use in postgraduate studies and by lecturers.

12. The establishment of sessions, seminars and conferences either individually or in cooperation with the Directorate of Kirkuk Health Authority.

13. Finalization the fulfillment of three new classrooms with a capacity of holding 180 students in May 2019. In 2018 the college also provided two classrooms with a capacity of holding 150 students. The final exams for the academic year 2018-2019 were performed in the classrooms.

14-Establishing a new computer lab. With a capacity of 88 students equipped with the latest devices , educational aids and applications in the middle of  2021.

15- Developing of medical labs. ( Biochemistry lab, Physiology lab., Anatomy lab., and Microbiology lab.) through expanding their areas and equipping them with the  latest medical instruments and modern furniture at the end of 2021, and work is underway to develop the rest of the medical labs. 

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Kirkuk - Iraq

Next to Azadi Teaching Hospital 

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Kirkuk Medical College

E-Mail: medical@uokirkuk.edu.iq 


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