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College History

College establishment:

Kirkuk medical college established in 2005, when the presidency of Kirkuk University assigned Prof.Dr. Sabah Zangana as the first dean of the college back then, where he worked in cooperation with the directorate of Kirkuk Health represented by its former director general Dr. Sabah Amin Ahmed Aldawoodi to allocate a space in Azadi teaching hospital for the deanship building and its classrooms and labs. Isolated from the rest of the hospital by Aluminum plates. The college received the first batch of students in the academic year (2005-2006). In spite of all the obstacles and limited abilities, the deanship faced these difficulties and compensated for the lack of laboratories for some materials for the first stage through a high coordination with the deanship of both science and agriculture faculties, where these two faculties allocated some of their laboratories for teaching Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy. The college's deanship continued to overcome these difficulties; efforts were then made to allocate a piece of land close to the Azadi teaching hospital to be a permanent place for the recently opened Medicine college, where the dean (Prof. Dr. Sabah Zangana), succeeded in renting the piece of land next to the hospital through his coordination with Alwaqf Al-Sunni department of the governorate. As the studying year was completed for the first academic year, the effort and the competition of time were doubled for the purpose of establishing the college on the this rented land, And these efforts resulted from the commitment of the Kurdistan regional government (KRG), to build the college on this land, was already laid the foundation stone for the new college building in 2006 to be completed in 2008 and move the facilities and classrooms of the college to its current location.


College location:

The Kirkuk Medical College, located in Kirkuk city and next to Azadi teaching hospital. The college building consists of two buildings

1-The main building: It consists of three floors, which includes sections and branches of the college as well as a suite for classrooms and laboratories for students to study Histology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Physiology and computer sciences.It also includes the Internet unit, and a scientific library containing thousands of books and dozens of laser discs and offices of administrative and technical units.

2- The deanship building: It consists of two floors and includes the dean's office, some administrative offices, and a special hall for scientific seminars.


College expansion:

Kirkuk medical college has expanded since 2013, where the deanship coordinated with the presidency of Kirkuk University to build a conference hall where; several scientific conferences, seminars, and symposiums were held to serve society.  Five large classrooms were also built to accommodate the increasing numbers of students in recent years, especially after the transfer of students from the universities of Baghdad, Mosul, Tikrit and Anbar to Kirkuk University. A cafeteria for instructors and students was built as well.  Regarding the teaching staff, there has been a remarkable increasing in the number of the instructors with different scientific degrees and titles, where there were only limited numbers of them in the past, nowadays the number jumped to be about 71 instructors (male and female) distributed among the scientific branches of the college. There is a continuous support and response from the university and the ministry of higher education to meet the needs of the college of teaching and administrative staff to reach the completion of the shortage in the administrative and scientific structure of the college.

The Medicine college works hard to be a forum of science for increasing the scientific level of the students and the health awareness of the citizens of Kirkuk city, through holding scientific seminars in coordination with Azadi teaching hospital and the directorate of Kirkuk health. The college also works on raising the qualification of the teaching staff through having them participate in different local or international training courses, symposiums, and scientific conferences.

College Address

Kirkuk - Iraq

Next to Azadi Teaching Hospital 

Contact US

Kirkuk Medical College

E-Mail: medical@uokirkuk.edu.iq 


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