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Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit

The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit is linked to the Office of the Dean. Psychological counseling and educational guidance are among the basic pillars of the academic and pedagogical educational process in educational institutions for intellectual and cognitive advancement practiced by these institutions in their various specializations.
The university's counseling unit provides counseling and psychological assistance to all university students, regardless of their initial or higher levels of study, and for morning and evening study as well. As well as teachers and staff.

Psychological counseling is a distinct field of applied sciences because it helps individuals understand themselves and develop their skills, abilities and potentials, which contribute to developing their self-confidence and their ability to make decisions and move them from the experience of the counseling situation to the experience of life situations.

The Unit's Tasks:-
1- Conducting courses and workshops by members of the unit on an ongoing basis in order to extend the horizons of communication with students for educational and psychological rehabilitation in light of university instructions.

2- Holding awareness seminars in all psychological, cultural and social fields.

The Unit's News and Activities

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