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The college foundation

The College of Medicine is one of the colleges of Kirkuk University. It was founded in 2005 in cooperation with the Kirkuk Health Directorate inside Azadi Teaching Hospital in which places were dedicated to build up the deanship, halls and few laboratories. The college welcomed the student for the first time in the academic year (2005-2006). Despite all the obstacles and limited capabilities, the deanship faced these difficulties and compensated for the lack of laboratories for some materials for the first year students in coordination with the deanships of the colleges of Science and Agriculture when these two colleges allocated some of their laboratories to teach chemistry, physics, and anatomy.

The deanship of the college continued to overcome the circumstances, lack of capabilities, and lack of space, and efforts began to be focused at that time to dedicate a plot of land close to the Azadi Teaching Hospital to be a permanent building for the site of the College of Medicine. Finally, in coordination with the Sunni Endowment Directorate (SED) in the governorate which approved to rent the plot of land next to the hospital, College of Medicine was built by Kurdistan Regional Government. The foundation stone for the COM was already laid in 2006 and its construction was completed in 2008 and the college’s institutions and halls were moved to its current location.