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The dean's message

The medical profession is one of the noblest and most prestigious professions that humanity has known. This profession is witnessing a rapid development in order to raise the level of performance of those who practice it in the service of humanity. It's the duty of the doctor as well as the medical colleges to keep up with development that qualify the medical student to reach the highest levels of scientific and behavioral knowledge after graduation to provide the best medical and health services to the citizen.

The College of Medicine is considered one of the fundamental colleges at Kirkuk University and seeks to be one of the most important medical colleges in Iraq. It contributes to the development of the medical profession so that its educational and scientific production has a positive impact on the development of the medical system to offer the best service to our country and the citizen. The college is serious about obtaining accreditation by achieving quality requirements and international recognition so that the college graduates can complete their studies abroad and obtain a specialty certificate.

Recently, the good thing that has been achieved is that the Kirkuk Medical Journal has been recognized and included within the Iraqi scientific academic journals and approved for the purposes of publishing scientific medical research, as the research published in it is approved for scientific promotions, as well as being an interface for receiving scientific research and all medical specialties from inside and outside Iraq. It is worth noting that the College of Medicine, in addition to its role in graduating doctors to work in health institutions in Kirkuk Governorate in particular and the country in general, hosts centers for the Iraqi Board to train doctors in the fields of general surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetric and pediatric, as well as reconstructive surgery in order to obtain the Iraqi Board Fellowship Certificate in the mentioned fields.

All of this was achieved through the efforts of the college’s faculty staff and with the support of the deanship and the university. Finally, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the faculty staffs at the college for their dedication to performing the duties assigned to them and their work in the spirit of one team to succeed the college’s educational and scientific journey and achieve its mission and goals.