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Department Applied Geography

About the department:

The Department of Applied Geography and Geographic Information Systems was established during the academic year 2017-2018. The department received only first-year students in the morning study, as their number reached (154) male and female students within the central admission.

Department vision:

The Department of Applied Geography at the College of Arts aspires to assume an advanced scientific position, to reach a lofty knowledge edifice, and to reach the goals of distinguished university learning by spreading the culture of excellence and mastery, and achieving this through continuous modernization of programs, educational systems, and academic capabilities to keep pace with scientific development, as well as developing and improving the performance of the college and its departments. Scientific education and communication with civil society with the aim of preparing graduates capable of competing in a changing world and a labor market with specific needs, as well as spreading and consolidating the authentic values of society, improving the quality of life, human behavior, respect for others, and recognition of human rights to knowledge, thought and belief.

Department Message:

The Department of Applied Geography seeks to disseminate knowledge, develop and prepare high-quality graduates in accordance with recognized scientific and international standards, according to the requirements of the labor market available locally and regionally, and to play an effective role in the field of scientific research. It takes upon itself the responsibility of serving the community, supplying it with thinkers, intellectuals, educators, and distinguished people, discovering the talented among them, and preparing them to be The forefront of culture and enlightenment in society through a system based on integration between the branches of social and human knowledge, preserving human heritage, and consolidating moral values in education, scientific research, and community service.

Department objectives:

1- Preparing researchers from distinguished graduates who have scientific research skills and the ability to use modern technologies in the field of applied geography.

2- Paying attention to the educational and moral aspect of the student, striving to spread the spirit of cultural tolerance, and emphasizing commitment to the etiquette of humane treatment of oneself first and man second, in accordance with heavenly laws.

3- Encouraging scientific research of distinguished quality that contributes to enriching knowledge in the fields of applied geography and its branches, and urging the presentation of this research in world-class scientific conferences or publishing it in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

4- Strengthening cooperation with civil society and linking it to the department to achieve positive interaction with it and continuously identify its problems to find appropriate scientific solutions for them.

5- Permanent development of curricula and study plans, including keeping pace with rapid and successive changes in all fields.

6- Commitment to excellence in education by providing high-quality courses consistent with global development in the field of geography and appropriate scientific training.

7- Establishing a robust system to track graduates and provide services to them.

8- Supporting the comprehensive quality system in the department at the scientific and administrative levels and maintaining its continuity.


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Working hours

  • Weekdays 08:30 - 18:00
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