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Documents and Graduates Unit

About the unit:
It is a unit affiliated with the Registration and Student Affairs Division in the College of Arts. The unit seeks to provide graduate students with documents and certificates to government departments and institutions for the purpose of work, appointment, or to complete their studies in Iraqi, Arab, and foreign universities.

Unit tasks:
1. Completing the official procedures related to graduate student affairs.
2. Verifying the names of the graduate students and matching them with the official documents of the graduate student’s file before his graduation.
3. Ensuring the authenticity of academic documents for graduate students issued by preparatory schools.
4. Checking the grades of graduate students for the four years on the Master Sheet grade lists.
5. Ensuring the accuracy of calculating the graduation rates for graduating students, as well as verifying the number of study units and their total in the final grade lists in cooperation with the scientific departments in the college.
6. Keep a copy of the manual and electronic lists of final grades of all academic departments in the college in the Documents and Alumni Unit.
7. Organizing the final lists of the names of graduating students and their academic averages for the first and second semesters.
8. Providing the College Council Secretariat with the names of the graduate students, their graduation rates, and their sequences in the first and second rounds for the purpose of presenting them to the College Council and sending them in an official report to the University Council Secretariat for the purpose of issuing a university order for the graduate students after obtaining the approval of the President of the University to grant the graduate students a bachelor’s degree, each according to their department and specialty. .
9. Providing graduate students with academic documents with grades and without grades for the purpose of work or appointment.
10. Providing graduate students with academic documents in Arabic and English for the purpose of completing their graduate studies inside or outside the country after completing the proper procedures for academic documents in terms of their approval by the university and the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
11. Issuing certificates for graduate students in Arabic and English and completing the proper authentication procedures.
12. Answering the authenticity letters submitted to the college by official government departments and institutions related to the authenticity of academic documents issued by the Documents and Alumni Unit.
13. Preparing statistics related to graduate students in terms of the number of graduates and the percentage of outstanding students at the level of the scientific department, as well as at the level of all scientific departments of the college.

Working hours

  • Weekdays 08:30 - 18:00
    Friday is a holidaySaturday is a holiday

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