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Registration Division

About the division:

The tasks of the Registration and Student Affairs Division are embodied in everything related to student issues, whether technical or administrative, starting from the student’s application for admission to the university until his graduation, through follow-up and coordination in light of the general goals and requirements of community development, following up on the implementation of decisions issued by higher authorities, and organizing and coordinating student admission, as it is the link between the student. The college, the university, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and external parties if necessary, as it is concerned with implementing the principles and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, in addition to its keenness to guide and supervise everything related to student issues that are completed through the Registration Division, and the Division is responsible for organizing and coordinating student admission. And their transfer between universities and colleges, and it has an important and distinct role in following up the student from his entry until his graduation from the university, supervising the implementation of decisions, conducting registration and withdrawal processes, and other procedures.

The division includes the Graduate Documents and Certificates Unit, which is considered one of the important divisions. The work in this division requires efficiency and careful follow-up of the connection of its work with all state institutions and the completion of transactions related to the completion of documents for college students, everything related to the validity of the issuance of documents, certificates, and books for students within the college.

Division objectives:

It seeks to ensure excellence in the performance of the duties assigned to the division and to raise its status through this excellence in the service of the scientific process and society, while creating a model division with a developed staff whose work is based on honesty, accuracy, speed of completion, and the availability of credibility and mutual trust between the student and the associate.

Division tasks:

Issuing university orders to accept students for morning and evening studies after reviewing the students’ priorities.
Issuing unified university orders for transfer and hosting.
Directing the college registration divisions to the nature of work related to decisions and instructions.
Completing the books issued by the Ministry related to transferring, hosting, and amending student nominations.
Follow up and answer all inquiries received from the university or students.
Reviewing orders for granting bachelor’s degrees to college students for the purpose of submitting them to the university and issuing university orders.
Activate e-mail and begin receiving and sending official letters through it to the concerned authorities.
Identifying the top students in the departments for morning and evening studies and organizing their data according to specific forms.
Implementing communications and correspondence on everything related to student issues with state institutions.

Working hours

  • Weekdays 08:30 - 18:00
    Friday is a holidaySaturday is a holiday

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