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University Follow-up Division

The University Follow-up Division is in Direct contact with the Dean of the College

Vision and Mission:-

For the purpose of providing the utmost security, stability and protection to the Dean, the teaching staff, employees and students within the college and to ensure public safety and fire prevention.

Objectives :-

1- Preparing plans to ensure the safety of teachers, employees, and students by securing the entrances, exits, and doors of the college.

2- Work to provide patrols to monitor fences and crossings that could cause a disruption in the security situation.

3- Ensuring the safety of the building by developing a plan for the guards to take responsibility for the safety of the college’s buildings.

4- Develop detailed plans to ensure the protection of the college and the safety of its student occupants, given its importance, and coordinate with police stations and security forces close to those targets to ensure protection and support in the event of any emergency.

5- Forming patrols that operate within the college from members who have a good reputation to monitor the behavior of some students that are inconsistent with public moral behavior and monitor the negative cases that occur and report them immediately.

6- Preventing armed demonstrations inside the college.

7- Providing first aid to all teachers, employees and students when emergency situations occur.