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Registration and Student Affairs Division

Registration Division's tasks:

1. The Registration Division receives students accepted into the college and registers them according to the admission controls and opens a special file for each student.
2. Issuing a university ID for students.
3. Follow up on students in the academic stages.
4. Issuing administrative orders for the stages of students, direct, participants in exams, failure, postponement, promotion, cancellation of admission, transfer, hosting, and modification of candidacy for students.
5. Verifying medical preparatory documents.
6. Issuing confirmation for students continuing their studies.
7. Issuing documents and confirming graduation and merit certificates for graduates.
8. Creating a database for continuing students and graduates and archiving all students’ files.

“Noting that the work of the Registration Division is in accordance with the Guide to Student Affairs Procedures and Admission Controls and Conditions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up / Central Admissions.”