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Media and Government Communications Division

The Media Division is one of the important links in the College of Agriculture, as it is responsible for spreading cultural and scientific awareness among academic circles and students, as well as being the true interface of the college and the reflecting mirror of all its activities and events, as well as the effective mediator between it and the media channels present in the governorate in cooperation with the University’s Media Department and the media. In addition to this, the Division of media is an integrated public relations institution and the most important and strongest element in any institution that seeks success in its work. One of its most important episodes was and still is development and expansion by publishing everything that would add new facilities and revitalizing the construction and reconstruction campaigns in its projects by highlighting and following up on them.

The Division’s tasks:

1- Organizing relations between the people and the administrative units in the college.

2- Organizing public relations between the college and the relevant governorate departments.

3- Supervising conferences, seminars, seminars, and all scientific and cultural activities held by the college.

4- Supervising college publications

5- Supervising the celebrations held by the college

6- Documenting the visits of the Dean of the College and media activities.

7- The university delegation in the college’s media activities.

8- Covering the college’s activities in the press, radio, and television.

9- Follow up on complaints published in newspapers related to the work of the college, and follow up on these problems, respond to them, and solve them in coordination with the relevant authorities and various publishing institutions.

10- Facilitating and organizing the work of media press delegates and television networks in holding various meetings with the Dean and the heads of departments.