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Quality Assurance Division

The importance of the division:

The Quality Assurance Division aims to adopt mechanisms to follow up and evaluate performance in all of the college’s educational, research, and service activities in light of the standards of the National Authority for Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation in order to achieve the college’s mission and goals.

Tasks of the Quality Assurance Division:

-Developing the organizational and administrative structure of the division and approving it by the College Council
-Organizing and holding workshops, training courses, meetings and meetings with various groups in the college, the graduate and the external beneficiary to spread the culture of quality.
- Follow up on the preparation of documents for the program files (recruitment and reports on courses and programmes) in accordance with the requirements and forms of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, fulfill all items contained in the forms, benefit from the results of students’ evaluation of the course and programme, and activate the proposed improvement plans.
- Preparing flyers, posters, advertisements, and brochures regarding disseminating and promoting the culture of the college
-Preparing questionnaires for different groups in the college, graduates, and external beneficiaries
-Discussing quality issues for the college council, main committees, and department councils
-Preparing self-studies/annual reports for the college and developing improvement plans
- Preparing all documents and reports (approved and notarized) at the Division’s headquarters in preparation for the visit of the National Authority for Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation
-Developing and implementing mechanisms to follow up on the college’s activities in the three sectors
- Study the training needs of faculty members, support staff, and administrators, develop training plans to develop their capabilities, and prepare reports to follow up on these plans.
- Activating the role of the internal audit committee and external auditors (in the scientific departments and the quality assurance division) and documenting the audit reports and sending them to the university’s quality assurance office.