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The Vision, The Mission and The Objectives of the College of Agriculture - University of Kirkuk

The Vision

The College of Agriculture seeks to advance and excel in teaching agricultural sciences and their applications to prepare specialized agricultural cadres qualified to keep pace with the requirements of development plans and the needs of the labor market, so that the college becomes among the best colleges of agriculture at the local and Arab levels.

The Mission

The college's mission is to prepare distinguished agricultural staff, conduct research and studies, adopt modern knowledge, and use and disseminate technology in advanced agricultural fields in order to develop agricultural services and projects to serve the community.

The Objectives

The college's goals include the following:
1. Preparing qualified personnel in various agricultural specializations, who can contribute to the development of agriculture in its various fields by providing educational programs and curricula to students, and raising their scientific level within the framework of the process of continuous development of the education system in its various aspects.
2. Providing training services for all agricultural sectors, leading to spreading environmental awareness and agricultural culture for workers in agricultural fields and making the college a distinguished source of expertise in all fields related to agricultural production.
3. Interaction with the agricultural environments from which the topics of its studies and research are derived and to which the results of those agricultural studies and research are derived, in order to reach solutions to development problems in agricultural projects, activities and programs based on the scientific method of research and study.
4. Benefiting from developments in the fields of technologies, tools, and machines, and providing students with the necessary skills that will make them able to employ these developments in developing agricultural aspects and increasing the efficiency of agricultural work elements.
5. Encouraging scientific research through multidisciplinary research groups, stimulating and participating in the agricultural production sectors, the private sector, and civil society institutions in financing and supporting scientific research projects, benefiting from their outputs and results, and close cooperation with national, Arab, and regional research centers.
6. Preparing cadres with advanced degrees (master’s and doctorate) to support other universities and relevant government departments.

The College's Future Plans:

- Establishment of the Basic Sciences Division

Certificates Granted By The College:

1-Bachelor’s degree: In all of the scientific departments

2-Master’s degree in each of the departments:

- Department of Horticulture and Engineering of Gardens

- Animal Production Department

- Field Crops Department

- Department of Soil and Water Resources Sciences

3. Doctorate Degree in each of the departments:

- Animal Production

- Horticulture and Engineering of Gardens