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Mission and Objectives

College vision, mission, and goals


To be at the forefront of distinguished and accredited colleges at the local and international levels in the field of academic medical education and scientific research

B- Mission

Building a solid educational system to graduate physicians who are scientifically and practically skilled and able to deal with various health problems, keep pace with the development in medical sciences, and devote the output of scientific research to serve the community and improve the health situation.

C- Goals

1- Physician graduation

*  Highly qualified, qualified for the safe and effective practice of the medical profession and the provision of health care in hospitals and outside the community, with great care of primary health care.

*  Possesses a base of information and basic skills that enable him or her to perform his or her role as a general practitioner in the various health sectors and to go to any branch of medicine in the future.

*  Prepared and ready to continue the learning process after graduation, committed to continuing medical education and working on lifelong learning.

*  Able to complete postgraduate studies after graduating from college, keep up with medical updates and use modern technologies in health fields.

*  Able to conduct useful scientific research in basic biomedical, clinical, behavioral and social sciences2

2- Determining the quality and size of common health problems in society and the ways to treat them and limit their spread.

3- Participation in establishing an integrated health system in coordination and cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

4- Carrying out applied medical research that addresses the community's medical problems and health needs.

5- Designing and developing curricula, teaching aids and methods, and setting rules for quality control and improvement based on international quality standards.

6- Adopting continuing medical education strategies and participating in rehabilitation courses, education and continuing medical training.

7- Adopting research programs directed mainly to meet the health problems and needs of the community.

College Address

Kirkuk - Iraq

Next to Azadi Teaching Hospital 

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Kirkuk Medical College

E-Mail: medical@uokirkuk.edu.iq 


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