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Pharmacology Branch

Teaching Pharmacology.


Teaching Staff


Full name/ Position



Scientific Title


Dr. Dlawer Abd Al Hameed Ahmed\ Head of the branch


Internal Medicine

Assist. Prof.


Intisar Ahmed Yousif\  Deputy of the branch



Assist. Lecturer


Mohammed Khalil Turab\ Instructor

M.Sc.PharmacologyAssist. Lecturer



Main goals of the branch:

1- Getting knowledge about:

a- The basis of different medications and its effect on the treatment of the changes happened because of infections.

b- Their mechanism of action.

c- Body response to the treatment by different drugs.

d- The side effects of different medications used for treatment of different cases.

e- The medication reactions that could be happened when using more than one drug at the same time, with the possibility of getting unwanted reactions between the drugs and eaten foods.

2- When teaching Pharmacology it is important to put in consideration; the following of global scientific progress regarding Pharmacology and following the instructions and decisions of World Health Organizations(WHO), and other Pharmaceutical organizations regarding the latest updates of medications and taking advantage of them for study.

3- Giving good explanation about the latest updates regarding Pharmacology, new medications and the possibilities of happening unwanted responsiveness to these medications, to the students, resident doctors and higher studies students.         

4- Connection whatever is new about medication with treatment of clinical cases and following their reactions and possible side effects during treatment.

College Address

Kirkuk - Iraq

Next to Azadi Teaching Hospital 

Contact US

Kirkuk Medical College

E-Mail: medical@uokirkuk.edu.iq 


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