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Kirkuk Medical College consists of eight scientific laboratories. Seven of them are used for preliminary studies and one for higher studies.

The main objectives of having these laboratories are to aid students of preliminary studies, to do the practical activities of their basic theory subjects and at the same time to help the higher studies students to accomplish their researches through applications of practical experiments in laboratories designed for researches. The quality of these laboratories is rated by a special committee through using of specific measures. The accreditation unit, which belongs to the quality assurance and university performance department of the college, has a role in supervision of these laboratories, in order to make them suitable for education. The followings are explanation of each laboratory of the college supported by pictures. 


1- Anatomy Lab.

It is specialized in studying the practical part of Anatomy to students of the first and second stage. In this lab. , the students learn about the natural parts of the human body. The teaching depends on the real cadavers and the plastic models imported from Germany. The lab. Also has plastic parts of different parts of human body. Data show is used for educational purposes. The lab. Belongs to Anatomy branch.

anatomy 11anatomy 22
































2- Biochemistry Lab.

The lab. Trains the first year students the basic bases for understanding the different concentrations of different chemicals. The students should be able to understand, the basis of various chemical reactions important from the health and medical point of view as well. Training the students of the second stage, on how to diagnose of various diseases through measuring of different concentrations related to those diseases such as, blood glucose, lipid profile, and liver enzymes levels. The students also learned how to withdraw blood from patients properly. The lab. Belongs to Biochemistry branch.

 biochm 1biochm 3































3- Physiology and Physics Lab.

In this lab. The students of second stage are trained on, how to with draw blood and conduct the different laboratory tests related to blood physiology. The lab. Also supported with digital recording heart sounds, ECG, and spirometry instruments. The laboratory also includes the medical physics lab. Which is specialized for teaching the practical part of physics to the students of the first stage. The lab. Belongs to Physiology branch.

phy 11phy 22
































 4- Microbiology Lab.

In this lab. The students of the first year, are trained on how to make different sterilization methods, the students also learned about the large molecules forming the human body as well. In addition to that, training the students to conduct some laboratory and genetic tests. Third stage students are taught Microbiology, which includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They are also trained on different techniques used for culturing and diagnosis of bacteria. This lab also teaches the, medical Parasitology and the diagnostic methods of medically important parasites for the third stage students. The lab. Belongs to the Microbiology branch.

micro 33micro 22
































5- Pathology Lab.

It is specialized in studying the practical part of Pathology to students of third stage, and trains them on how to use microscope in studying of various pathological tissues. The lab belongs to Pathology and forensic branch. 

patho 11

















6- Pharmacology Lab.

It is specialized in studying the practical part of Pharmacology, and it aims to support the students with scientific skills to make them eligible in this part of medicine. Other things such as, writing perfect medical prescription, knowing the mechanism of action of some medications, injecting fluids into human body through cannula are taught as well. In the second term, groups of students asked to make scientific seminars and presented them before the other groups. The lab. Belongs to Pharmacology branch.

micro 11

















7- Educational Computer Classroom

The laboratory established in 2006, where it  initially contained ten (10) computers only and was devoid of illustrative means. After the aforementioned year, this lab was developed  and equipped with the latest touch-screen computers, increasing their number to twelve (12) computers and equipped with the latest illustrative means. The laboratory also contains a set of hardware pieces and a smart board. The laboratory equipped with a smart classroom project system, in addition to a Wi-Fi system. The laboratory teaches the practical side of the computer subject for the first-stage students, as well as conducting the online exams for the computer subject and other study subjects affiliated with the rest of the branches through the newly applied electronic college management system. The laboratory is affiliated to the Family and Community Medicine Branch, and in the middle of 2021, a modern and advanced laboratory was established to accommodate the largest possible number of students by expanding its area and increasing the number of the computers, reaching 44 computers as it is now.

 computer 1computer 2































 8- Laboratory of Medical Research and Higher Studies

First established in 2010. It is located at the second floor of the main building of Kirkuk Medical College. It is equipped with brand new laboratory instruments, necessary for conducting research of different medical specializations like, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, etc. The lab. Receives higher studies ( M.Sc. and Ph.D) students, who had advantage of the lab. For conducting their research and publish papers in some medical journals with good impact factors. 

research lab

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