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A faculty member from the University of Kirkuk participates in a workshop on education and its role in spreading peace

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The Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at the College of Basic Education, Dr. Sukaina Ali Karim, participated in a workshop entitled "Education for Peace," held by UNESCO in Erbil Governorate for three days with the participation of specialized researchers. Dr. Sakina Ali stated, "The workshop aimed to develop and create an educated, aware, and balanced generation that carries positive qualities in dealing away from extremism, spreading a culture of peace and tolerance, and preventing violence after the large and accelerating changes that the world is going through." She added that the workshop included introducing critical theories through human rights and other topics related to the foundations and culture of education to lay the foundations for positive education in society, as well as presenting researchers' proposals for developing research projects for education in Iraq and building peace and tolerance in society through the power of quality education.

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