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Publishing rules in Kirkuk University Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences

1- The researcher submits a request to the editor-in-chief to accept the publication of the research in the journal with mentioning the title of the research and the field of specialization of the research, as well as mentioning the address of his work site, phone number, and mail address, if any, for the purpose of communication when needed.
Three copies of the research should be attached to the request, a CD containing the research, and an amount of 75,000 IQ dinars for the costs of the research evaluation.

2- The research should be within the specializations (administration, economics, accounting, statistics, and operations research).

3- Research is accepted in both Arabic and English.

4- The search is printed on the computer according to the Microsoft Word system.

For papers in Arabic, they should be printed in Simplified Arabic, and research in English, the font (Times New Roman) is and a size of 14, and the space between lines is single, leaving a margin on both sides with a space of (3 cm), and from the top and bottom (3 cm).

5- The number of search pages should not exceed 20 pages, including figures, tables and appendices.

6- The cover page contains the research title, the name of the researcher or researchers, the academic rank, the location of the workplace, and the e-mail for each of them.

7- The research abstract in both Arabic and English is not more than 150 words, including the main contents and important results in it, and the title of the research and the names of the researchers are mentioned at the top of the abstract if the research is in the other language (Arabic or English).

8- That the researcher adhere to objectivity and scientific method in research, analysis and attribution.

9- The sources in the text are indicated by the name of the author and the year of publication.

10- The sources are written in one list and arranged alphabetically.

11- The research has been subject to confidential scientific evaluation, where it is sent to evaluators of high scientific standing and who are distinguished by good scientific expertise and honesty.

12- The researcher is required to make all the basic or minor adjustments required by the evaluators and to send the research in its final form with a (CD) containing the final research to the editorial board.

13- The researcher whose research is accepted for publication pays an amount of 25,000 IQ dinars for the costs of publishing the research, as well as an amount of 5,000 IQ dinars for each page that exceeds the number of pages determined for publishing the research, and then the researcher is given a letter of acceptance of publication.

14- The editorial board maintains the research submitted for publication, whether it is accepted for publication or not.

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