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A scientific refereed journal issued by the College of Administration and Economics, University of Kirkuk - concerned with administrative, economic, accounting, statistics and operations research

The magazine was established in 2010, and the first volume of the magazine was issued in 2011

Editorial Board of the Scientific Journal / College of Administration and Economics

AdjectiveThe information
1A.P.D. Amer Fadhil TawfeeqStatisticseditor chiefinternal
2A.D. Salam Anwer Ahmed
EconomicsManaging Editor
3P.D. Saddeq Bilil Ibrahem  Business ManagementMemberExternal / State of Sudan Sudan University of Science and Technology
4P.D. Ibrahem Muhammed Ahmed
EconomicsMemberExternal / The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Al al-Bayt University
5P.D. Abd-Alsattar Abd-Aljabbar Mosa
EconomicsMemberExternal / Faculty of Administration and Economics - Al-Mustansiriya University
6P.D. Dijlah Ibrahem Ahmed
StatisticsMemberExternal / College of Business and Economics - University of Baghdad
7P.D.  Ghazi Abdul-Aziz SulaimanAccountingMemberExternal / Kirkuk Technical Institute
8P.D.  Nagham Hussein Alniama
Business ManagementMemberExternal / Nahrain University - College of Business Economics
9P.D.  Naji Abdul-Sattar Mahmoud
Business ManagementMemberExternal / Faculty of Management and Economics - University of Tikrit
10A.P.D. Sabah Haseeb Hasan
11A.P.D. Qusay Abdulkhaliq Fadhil
Business Management
MemberExternal / University of Diyala - College of Administration and Economics
12A.P.D. Burhan Othman Hussein
13A.P.D. Sawsan Ibrahem Rajab
Business ManagementMemberExternal / Kirkuk Technical Institute
14A.P.D. Wessam Ali Hussein
Business ManagementMemberExternal / University of Fallujah - College of Administration and Economics
15A.P. Najah Hawar Bazaz
16A.P. Sakar Dhahir OmerAccountingMemberExternal / Kirkuk Technical Institute
17M.A. Mushtaq Mahmoud Khalaf
Business ManagementMemberinternal

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