College Council

The College Board consists of the following members:

1- Head of the College Board - Dean (Assist Prof. Essam Hadi Muhammad) - sitting on the middle

2- Deputy Administrative Dean (Assist Prof. Dr. Adnan Qadir Aref) - sitting on the right side

3- Deputy Academic Dean (Lecturer. Hisham Abdulla hamad) - the sitting on the left side

4-Secretary of the College Council (Assist Prof. Dr. sozan Abdul-ghani Ali) - standing on the right side

5- Head of Statistics Department (Assist Prof. Jafar Mussa Muhammed ) - the standing in the right side

6- Head of the Business Administration Department (Lecturer. Mushtaq Mahmoud Al-Sebawi ) - the standing on the left side

7- Head of the Economics Department (Assist.Prof. Dr. Tanya Qader Abdul-Rahman) - the standing in the middle


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