The College of Administration and Economics was established on February 18, 2007 to prepare the specialized administrative staff for three departments, Business Administration, Economy and Statistics. The duration of the initial study is four years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in the aforementioned specializations.

The College of Administration and Economics is a scientific and educational institution. The college policy provides all the information and topics that can be presented to the student and believes in the necessity of integrating applied and scientific studies in order for the college to keep pace with the requirements of new life and keep pace with the scientific and technological developments that our contemporary world is witnessing.

Vision, Mission and Goals


The college administration aspires to be distinguished and pioneering in providing its educational services at all local, regional and international levels, with very high quality comparable to the old counterpart colleges in developed countries and seeks to be effective and distinguished in supporting the development process and solving all administrative, economic and obstacles facing society and the modern state.

The Message

Achieving advanced levels in the academic and administrative process in the college in order to achieve its strategic goals so that it is consistent and compatible with the desires and goals of individuals and society as well.


1- Preparing qualified graduates in the specializations of administration, economics and statistics to occupy various positions in state departments and private sector establishments.

2- Preparing theoretical and applied research and studies that contribute to solving the problems of the practical situation and in the various economic, administrative, accounting and informatics specializations.

3- The development of workers in the departments and institutions of the state and the private sector by holding courses and workshops inside and outside the college.

Future college plans

Opening Accounting Department

Certificate awarded by the college:

1- Bachelor's degree for undergraduate students

2- Masters for postgraduate students

College activities:


1- The hypothetical scientific symposium entitled (Inflation and E-Commerce under the situation of the Corona Crisis), which was conducted by the Department of Economics using the electronic Zoom program on 27/4/2020

2- The hypothetical scientific symposium entitled (Corona crisis repercussions and economic effects), which was conducted by the Department of Economics using the ZOOM electronic program on 5/5/2020.

Number of faculty members in the college by scientific title:

Academic titlePhdMasterHigher DiplomaTotal
Assistant Professor104ــــــــــــــ14
Assistant teacherــــــــ21122


The number of college students distributed according to the departments for the morning and evening studies

Morning Studies
DepartmentStudent's No.
Business Management395

Evening Studies
DepartmentStudent's No.
Business Management

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