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The Registration and Student Affairs Division is one of the support divisions that oversees a set of programs and services in support of the educational process at the university, which aim to take care of students and create a suitable environment for them for their academic achievement. Transfer, nomination amendment, hosting, 100% examination, transfer from outside Iraq, ... etc.)

Tasks and duties of the Student Affairs Division / The division consists of several units, which are as follows:

First - the morning registration unit / includes the following tasks and duties: -

1- The subject of accepting students in all its channels (central admission - direct admission - admission of martyrs' families - admission of first students - admission within the distinguished channel - ....)

2- The issue of transferring students, hosting them, and amending their candidacy according to the minimum limits for admission and according to what their competitive rates qualify them in the year of their admission.

3- Follow up on student registration and supervise the completion of their personal files.

4- Follow up on everything related to the student (postponement - enrollment - transit - transfer - hosting - failure).

Second - Evening Registration Unit / includes the following tasks and duties: -

1- Admission of students in evening studies (general admission for middle school students - applied arts - professional (talented) - corresponding institutes.

2- Transferring students from colleges and universities and hosting them.

3- Student registration and supervision of completing their personal files.

4- Follow up the timings related to the opening of the evening presentation, according to the ministerial instructions in force.

5- Follow-up of everything related to (postponement - registration registration - transit system - failure - transportation - and hosting).

6- Follow up on everything related to the student, from the stage of his admission to the stage of his graduation.

7- Admission of students to evening studies (admission of martyrs' families through the Martyrs Foundation and the Ministry).

Third - Documents and Graduates Unit / The documents and graduates unit includes the following tasks and duties: -

1- Completing the documents of students who have graduated from the college after checking them, relying on university and administrative orders for graduation.

2- The validity of issuance of graduate students' documents with validity of issuance.

3- Follow-up academic documents for students admitted to the college.

4- Instructing the necessity of adhering to the times set by the university for the purpose of checking documents for the preparatory study for students admitted centrally to the college.

5- Recording the incoming and outgoing mail to the division, provided that the work is in an orderly and arranged manner.

6- Issuing administrative orders to initiate students and all stages of the college.

7- Issuing administrative orders to graduate students from the first and second rounds, based on university order to graduate for the first round and the university order for the second round.

Division Affiliates: Mohammed Ibrahim Youssef / Director of the Division

Bahman Fadhil Amin - Fidan Latif Hamid - Abdel Hakim Abdel Karim Hussein

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