Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance

Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance

This section is considered one of the important and modern departments because it is concerned with (ensuring the quality and academic accreditation) through the promotion of the university to the ranks of international universities by setting standards on which the university depends in order to reach Arab and international academic accreditation. The university and following up on improving this performance, as well as providing technical support and training to upgrade the university to ensure quality and accreditation, and it consists of four divisions:

1- Quality Assurance Division

2- University Performance Division

3- Technical Support and Training Division

4- Laboratory Accreditation Division

Division tasks

A- Tasks of the Quality Assurance Division:

1- Achieving the university’s goals related to issues of administrative and academic quality and accreditation.

2- Providing support and advice to the quality and performance units in the colleges in all matters related to quality and accreditation issues.

3- Organizing the department's activities related to preparing and implementing evaluation plans in accordance with quality standards.

4- Endorsing the formation of committees related to quality and accreditation and following up on their implementation of their work in relation to the tasks of the entities associated with them, and following up on compliance with quality requirements and standards.

5- Establishing scientific and professional relations between the university and other institutions distinguished in the application of quality and accreditation.

6- Doing everything that ensures the achievement of the department's goals and tasks by adopting a strategy for continuous improvement and development.

B- Tasks of the Training and Technical Support Division: -

1- Spreading the culture of quality in the university and its colleges and departments.

2- Holding training courses and development courses for workers in the field of quality.

3- Providing full technical support to the quality department, such as computers and networks, linking departments with each other, and creating a database for the university and colleges regarding quality and tables of indicators.

4- Paying attention to everything new about quality, such as international conferences in the field of quality and workshops.

C- Tasks of the University Performance Evaluation Division:

1- It monitors the evaluation of the performance of higher university leaders, organizes them and sends them to the ministry center.

2-It follows up the performance evaluation of teachers and employees, organizes them and sends them according to special files to the Ministry's center.

3- The department monitors the evaluation of the university’s performance with its basic scientific, administrative, organizational and activities.

4- Comparing the activity and performance of the university and all its different colleges for the current year with previous years.

5- Facilitating the university’s tasks in adopting the teaching performance standards upon career advancement, whether in academic positions or in other administrative positions inside or outside the university institution.

6- Facilitating the university's tasks in adopting performance standards and for the purposes of differentiation between employees, whether in nominating them to obtain the initial or higher certificate or academic fellowship and delegations outside the country or for nomination for administrative positions and participation in scientific conferences and seminars outside Iraq.

D- The tasks of the Laboratory Accreditation Division:

The Laboratory Accreditation Division was established on 05/24/2015 according to Ministerial Decree GDH in 1258 on 05/24/2015, and the need to create this division came to the wise vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as laboratory results are critical for decision-makers based on data Which issued by them, as weak data lead to weak decisions that may have financial or personal effects on the people and institutions affected by these decisions. The competence of laboratories to carry out specific tests, measurements or calibrations, must be of primary concern to both parties, the clients of the laboratories, their departments and their employees. The laboratory accreditation process is now used comprehensively around the world to provide independent assessment and recognition of specific competence for testing and calibration laboratories, and laboratory accreditation bodies adopt a set of techniques to evaluate specific technical competence for laboratories according to standard specifications.

Missions and duties of the Laboratory Accreditation Division:

1- Application of mutual recognition agreements in the areas of national, regional and international accreditation, prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

2- Development and standardization of global accreditation practices for laboratories and inspection bodies.

3- Assessment and follow-up of accreditation for laboratories, issued by accredited bodies.

4- Preparing a database for testing and / or calibration laboratories operating in all laboratories of the university (colleges, centers) for the purpose of determining: -

A- The fields in which the laboratories operate and the possibility of adopting them according to the isoliec 17025/2005 international standard

B - The capabilities available to it in terms of devices and equipment that are used in laboratories.

C- Determining the competence and ability of laboratory personnel.

5- Determining the extent of the laboratories ’commitment to applying the Iraqi or international standards such as ISO, ASTM, etc. when conducting the tests through special forms for that

6- The tests that can be approved through the rehabilitation of some laboratories that have non-conformities can be addressed in a short period of time and inquiries about whether the laboratory is accredited or not accredited.

7 - Setting a timetable by the department for the purpose of starting the rehabilitation of some laboratories for specific and specific fields.

Future achievements and projects

* Qualifying the university with internal quality auditors to ensure the quality of the university's performance.

* Establishing courses and workshops for university colleges and governorate departments to spread the culture of quality and improve quality in state institutions.

* Qualifying the university with highly qualified laboratories through the application of international standards.

* Obtaining academic accreditation (specialized) from international organizations.

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