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Continuing education unit in the college

The Continuing Education Unit is the point of contact between the university and the community, as the unit identifies the training needs of the community and works to meet them through specialized training programs as well as programs to qualify professionals to obtain international practical and professional certificates. In this way, it helps the community to benefit from the resources, capabilities and expertise available at the university.

Since the establishment of the Continuing Education Unit at the College, it has been contributing to providing its educational and training services according to carefully designed programs, workshops and seminars in cooperation with the Deanship of the College and its assistants and scientific departments to support all faculty members and employees with continuous programs for professional development and activities that meet their needs to achieve a high level of quality. The unit gained the good reputation and gained the confidence of the trainees, which explains the increase in their numbers year after year.


the vision of unity

1 / That the continuing education unit in the college occupies the forefront in the field of development and continuing education.
2 / To be a model for what we offer.
3 / To expand the base of beneficiaries of the unit service to include all segments of society.
4 / To continue providing training programs and courses.


Unity message

Work on the positive development of individuals working in public and private sector institutions and various groups of society.
Unleash the human potential to achieve the highest levels of performance.
Qualifying the best human competencies to be leaders in society.
Creating a change for the better at the level of individuals and institutions by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills through training and consultations.

Unit goals

The Continuing Education Unit aims to achieve the following objectives:

Contributing to spreading culture and scientific and technical awareness to the various sectors of society, through various comprehensive methods, including seminars, symposiums and conferences, for the advancement of society in all its aspects to meet its various needs and requirements.
Preserving and developing scientific knowledge.
Interaction between the Ministry of Higher Education and various institutions to exchange scientific experiences.
Acquiring modern and correct skills and practices.
Follow-up of everything new in the field of specialization to ensure rapid and continuous development.
Providing qualified personnel and advanced consulting solutions.
Contribute to the development of educational aids used in education.

Unit tasks

Cooperating with governmental and private institutions and bodies in implementing joint training that serves the goals of society.
Holding conferences, seminars and scientific workshops.
Preparing proposed training plans with the beginning of the new year that include all seminars, courses, conferences and workshops that are commensurate with the basic knowledge needs.
Nominate individuals to participate in courses, seminars and workshops appropriate to their specialization.

Unit members //
MA. Zyad Bakir Khther

University Of Kirkuk 

Administration & Economics College

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