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Computer and Internet Division

The division includes the computer lab unit and the internet unit, and this division in the College of Administration and Economics is the main axis from which serious work begins to keep pace with the development taking place in the universities of the world and to where it has arrived

Computer Lab in the College of Administration and Economics, where the process of progress in the educational process of this unit began, where the laboratory capacity became up to 60 students and this laboratory was shared for both departments, and then a second computer lab was opened in the college and accommodated 20 students, thus each department in the college had a private laboratory The laboratory has been allocated to the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Statistics and a laboratory to the Department of Economics in order to avoid conflicts that occur in the weekly lectures' schedule.

An internet service was also opened for the student to benefit from what is happening in other world universities in terms of research and scientific books

The objectives of this division are

Establishing a complete system for the computer lab that keeps pace with the global development in the field of computers, updating it with the finest devices, employing specialized cadres and updating its programs, and among the tasks of the work of the Computer Lab unit through the programs prepared by the specialized staff in the laboratory as well as carrying out the download work, placing manuscripts and supervising them. The work and duties entrusted to them serve the University of Kirkuk and our college in particular to do more service for our dear country.

Division Affiliates:

Mr. Shaheen Mohammed Ali / Director of the Division of Computer and Internet and director of the website

Financial Affairs Division

The Financial Affairs Division manages all accounting matters including expenditures and revenues and disbursing the salaries of the college’s employees according to the financial rules and instructions received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The Finance Division consists of

The audit unit, the disbursement unit, and the salary unit

Division Affiliates:

Ashraf Amer Abdel Khaleq \ Division Director

Hajar Qadir Ahmed

Vian Muhammad Faris


Division of Administrative Affairs

The Administrative Affairs Division in state departments in general is the main engine for all administrative matters and is the beating heart of work and its work does not stop within certain limits.

The Administrative Affairs Division is divided into the following units:

Owners Unit: This unit is concerned with promotions, bonuses, files, and databases for staff and teaching staff. And a modern system of bonuses and promotions is up to the presidency of the university and colleges to benefit from it

Files Unit

Incoming and outgoing unit

Filing Unit

Electronic archiving unit

Pension unit

Civil Defense Unit

Information Unit

Maintenance unit

Service unit

Agricultural unit

Division Affiliates:

Muhammad Sabah Fateh / Division Director

Amin Gharib Muhammad

Wedad Mahdi Jassim

Yasmine Mamdouh Khatlan

Majdi Ali Jassim

Parwen Majeed Rifat

Salem Nazem Attia


Scientific Affairs Division

It is one of the people that is administratively linked to the office of the assistant dean for scientific affairs according to the organizational structure of the college and one of the tasks of this division is its attention to all the scientific matters of the college, including the following: -

Holding conferences, scientific seminars, seminars and workshops.
Scientific research plan for our college teachers and follow-up rates of achievement and publication thereof and accepted for publication during the academic year
Issuing administrative orders for the formation of scientific committees, sub and central final examination committees, leave and scholarship committees, and all committees related to the scientific aspect
Organizing a teaching validity test form for applicants to be appointed as instructors in the scientific departments
Subscribe to sober scientific journals for the purposes of scientific research.
Follow-up percentages of curriculum completion in scientific departments
Providing the university with the college’s activities during the academic year

According to the organizational structure, the division consists of the following sub-units:

First / Research and Development Unit

Among the tasks of this unit are organizing the scientific research plan (planned, completed and published), following up the percentages of its completion, published and accepted for publication during the academic year, scientific plans, forming scientific committees, discussing proposals and expressing opinion on future research projects. ..

Second / Graduate Studies Unit

This unit takes care of the tasks related to postgraduate studies and organizing the files of those admitted to postgraduate studies from our faculty in Iraqi universities according to the admission channels for postgraduate studies.

Third / the unity of cultural relations

This unit takes care of matters pertaining to fellowships, scholarships, study leave, and training courses outside Iraq in various fields for the purpose of providing expertise in scientific and administrative fields as well as invitations received to the college from Arab and foreign countries for the purpose of attending a conference, hosting or scientific visit, and research missions for the purpose of obtaining data or scientific sources To carry out scientific research for the teachers, or to complete a master's thesis or a doctoral thesis for postgraduate students

Division Affiliates:

Hawri Harbi Nouri / Division Director

Legal Division:

. The division is the link between the college and other state institutions.

. The legal unit administrator can be the college legal counselor.

. It provides legal advice to the academic departments and administrative units of the college.

. Unit works Follow up of laws and regulations that are used over the period for the purpose of applying them according to making daily work

. Follow-up and signing of contracts that occur at the college.

Division Affiliates:

Ahmed Hazem Zaeili / Division Director

Dina Nidham Abdulalghani

Dalia Salahuldeen Najmulddin

Media Division:

Mission of the Media and Public Relations Unit:

Deliver scientific and cultural information honestly and truthfully.

Vision of the Media and Public Relations Unit:

Achieving excellence and leadership by providing valuable and varied information through professionally and intellectually advanced media and expanding the horizon of participation to include all teachers, associates and students.

Objectives of the Media and Public Relations Unit:

Introducing the mission and goals of the college’s scientific, cultural, sports and social plans, policies and programs.

Introducing the scientific faculty of professors and announcing their scientific achievements and books.

- Transferring the faculty’s scientific, cultural, social and sports activities.

- Documenting communication between the college, universities and other organizations to keep pace with development, mutual benefit, and employing the outputs of the college to serve the community.

Participation of other departments within the college in preparing informational materials and cultural publications related to the work and outputs of the college for the purpose of making them known.

Supplying general culture, spreading scientific awareness, and consolidating civilized and ethical principles and values.

Expanding the circle of awareness and urging all faculty members to participate in the delivery of information to bring about internal development.

Disseminating opinions and ideas received in the college, exchanging views and spreading constructive dialogue

Division Affiliates:

Fanar Ismail Hassan / Division Director

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