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Instruction of publication

  Scientific journal of university of Kirkuk is a periodic scientific journal which is issued four times a year.  It aim is to publish theoretical and practical research papers in the field of pure sciences and engineering.

·         This journal publishes in both Arabic and English languages, provided that the article paper is not published or submitted for publication in any other journals.

·         Research papers are assessed by two references.

·         The author may be asked, if necessary, to review or make some alterations to his article.

·         The author may not be able to withdraw their article during the process of publication.

·         The author needs to ask in writing to withdraw their article and pay the cost of assessment by referees.

Annual subscription

   Individuals inside Iraq 100,000 ID, outside Iraq 100$.  Preparing a research for publication. the authors follow the following  procederes.

1.     The article:

    The article needs to be typed on one side of A4 paper (Right margin =2.5 cm, left margin =2.5 cm and 2cm for the top and bottom) with 1.5 space and all the page must be numbered.

2.      The content organization:

   MS Word to be used as follows:

·         "Simplified Arabic" font for the Arabic paper, and "Times New Roman" for the English articles.

·         The Size of the title is 18 bold.

·         The name of the authors will be typed in 12 bold in Arabic and 12 bold articles in English.

·         Abbreviations, key words, the main headings and the reference, and the acknowledgment will be typed in 14 bold.

·         Subheadings will be in 12 bold.

·         The abstract will be in size 12.

·         The bady of the article/paper in size 12.

·         The order of the content of the paper will be as follows:

The article heading, the names of authors and their addresses, the abstract

(Both in Arabic and English).

3.     Research paper title:

      The title must be as short as possible and indicates the contents of the subject together will the name (names) of the authors. The names must be very dear causing no confusion. The names of the authors to who correspondence to be made should be indiated with (*) and showing his / her email.

4.     The size:

  The paper should contain no more than 15 pages of the journal pages including charts and diagrams. Extra pages will be charged at 5000 ID (3$) each.

5.     Abstract :

   The abstract should include the purpose and the means of the founding results and the conclusions. It should also contain the knowledge values of thesubjoctof reseach. It is meant to be no more than 250 words. It should also emphasis on the content of the subject and includes the keywords used throughout the paper.

6.     Diagrams:

Figures and diagrams must be given following the explanation referring to the diagram . Each diagram must contain its title below the diagram at the first size of 12. The diagram should be eaitable in terms of enlargement or reduction within the magins of the paper size.

   The parts of each diagram must be grouped drawing parts.

7.     Tables

 The tables should follow the parts of main body and should be located below of the indicated part of the text.  Tables must have titles under neath with a text size 12.  The text used inside the tables should be of size 12 keeping with in the cells of the table.

8.     References:

    The references used in the paper must be given in order and their numbers given inside square bracken [ ].  The order of thereferences must be in the same order as they are refered to throughout the paper.  The following instrauction are to be followed:

(a)   If the reference is abook, the First name of the reference must be given first followed by the other names.  Then the title (bold and Italic) of the book, edition, year of publication, the publisher, place of publication (year of publication).


[1] P. Ring and P. Schuck, "The Nuclear Many-Body Problem", First Edition, Springer-Varlag, New York (1980).

(b) If the reference is a reseach paper or an article in a journal:

   The name of the author must be given first,  the title of the article, the name of journal, the volume (issue), page (Year)..


[1] Ali H. Taqi, R. A. Radhi, and Adil M. Hussein, "Electroexitation of Low-Lying Particle-Hole RPA States of 16O with WBP Interaction", Communcation Theoretical Physics,  62(6), 839 (2014).

c) If the reference is an M.Sc or Ph.D theirs, the name of the anther must be written with the first name first followed by the surname, title of theris, the name of the university, Country (Year).


R. A. Radhi, “Calculations of Elastic and Inelastic Electron Scattering in Light Nuclei with Shell-Model Wave Functions”, PhD Thesis, Michigan state University, USA (1983).


(d) If the reference is from conference.  Authors Name, “Paper Title”, Conference, Country, Publisher, volume, page (Year).


[1] Ali H. Taqi and Sarah S. Darwesh, “Charge-Changing Particle-Hole Excitation of 16N and 16F Nuclei”, 3rd International Advances in Applied Physics and Materials Science Congress, Turkey, AIP Conf. Proc., 1569, 27 (2013).


1.      The editor of the journal has the right in changing any statement or phrase the research coutent he may find it necenay in order of expressing the work suitable to the general style of the journal.

2.       After publishing the paper and its presentation in the journal page, the editas team will destroy all the scrap papers velaling to the paper.  The author has no right asking for them in any case.